Garracuda is a coined word from “barracuda,” a sharp-toothed fish, and “GARAKUTA in Japanese which means a junk.
The founding members of the company love fishing and admire the barracuda, a large fish that swims gracefully in the Southern Ocean.
The barracuda is a very sharp-toothed fish, implying sharp technologies, services, and ideas/concepts.
Sharp technologies, for example, are important for innovation creation, but it is not easy to translate them into success in the marketplace.
The Garracuda logo uses three colors of sharp teeth: red, blue, and green.
This is meant to represent the “Bayer pattern” in image sensor technology, which is a specialty of the Garracuda team.
The seeds of technology that are lying dormant, or junk, cannot be used as they are, but may shine if they are polished.
Garracuda’s mission is to find seeds that can become diamonds among the junk and match them to market needs.
Conversely, Garracuda’s role is to search for technological seeds that can shine if they are polished, based on the market needs.
Let’s create innovation with Garracuda!
Garracuda is a company with a strong technology background and marketing experience to turn “junk” into “diamonds”.
innovation consulting that supports cutting-edge technologies and global markets.



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